Dr Neil Gittoes Consultant Endocrinologist
Dr Neil GittoesConsultant Endocrinologist

Resources for patients

Royal Osteoporosis Society

All you could wish to know about osteoporosis and related bone diseases. Patient information leaflets, policies and advice available. Join the National Osteoporosis Society to support this charity.


Society for Endocrinology

Extensive resource for all matters endocrine - particularly tuned to learning more about your hormones at You and Your Hormones.


Paget's Association

Resource for patients with Paget's disease of bone.


Hypoparathyroidism UK

For patients with parathyroid gland problems including hypoparathyroidism and primary hyperparathyroidism. 


Brittle Bone Society

Patient focussed society for patients with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).


British Thyroid Foundation

Support for patients with thyroid conditions, supported by the professional British Thyroid Association.


Pituitary Foundation

Detailed coverage and support for patients with pituitary diseases.


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Professor Neil Gittoes (Private)

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Professor Gittoes at BMI Priory & Droitwich


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Useful links and patient resources

You and Your Hormones - Resource of the Society for Endocrinology providing detailed patient focussed information on endocrine diseases.


Royal Osteoporosis Society - Detailed coverage of osteoporosis and related bone diseases.


Brittle Bone Society - Patient focussed resource for those with brittle bone disease or osteogenesis imperfecta.


Hypoparathyroidism UK - Coverage of parathyroid diseases for patients.


Paget's Association - Information for patients with Paget's disease of bone.


British Thyroid Foundation - Patient support group for those with thyroid disease, backed by the British Thyroid Association.


Pituitary Foundation - Broad coverage of all aspects of pituitary disease with a major patient focus.

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